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Hooga perfume bottle with lavender and vanilla
Hooga perfume bottle 50ml on white background
Hooga perfume bottle and box 50ml on white background
Hooga perfume bottle 50ml on transparent background
Hooga perfume bottle 10ml on white background
Hooga perfume bottle and box 10ml on white background
Hooga perfume bottle 10ml on transparent background
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In the crazy world we live in, finding time for yourself is often impossible. Hooga is a blissful combination of lavender, myrrh and tonka bean creating a fragrance which oozes warmth and sensuality - perfect for a moment of calm and reflection.

All our Eaux de Parfum are suitable for Vegans and none of our perfumes nor the ingredients we use are tested on animals.

You'll probably love Hooga if you like Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka, Shalimar Eau de Parfum or Jimmy Choo Vanilla Love.


Hooga features in our Luxe Discovery Box. Our Discovery Boxes are just £6.95 per box including delivery - you'll receive 4 x miniature spray bottles in each box, plus a discount voucher off your first spend on our larger bottles.

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Lavender Myrrh Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Customer Reviews

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Deceptively smooth and sweet

I saw a review online that described this scent as ‘a bit masculine’ so I was put off. It came in a sample box so I gave it a go anyway. BOY was that review wrong!! It opens with a sort of salt and pepper scent. Quite spicy and fresh. Then I got a hint of lemon or citrus. Then it dries down into something sweet and warm and comforting. I’ve been sniffing myself all day. It’s an edible sweet smell. Reminds me of marshmallow and sweet caramel with a very subtle feminine musk hint. This is definitely not one to judge at first sniff. Adorable and will be my go to from now on!

Lesley Turner
Hooga gorgeous scent!

I just love this perfume - Hooga. I've had lots of compliments when I have worn it. I first tried this perfume as part of the bestseller perfume gift box. The company were very quick in responding and the ordering and delivery were excellent. I would recommend Abbey Perfumery and will definitely use them again.

I also love Kir Chasmere and Joe Smooth - might try more floral ones for the summer too.


Amazing as always! One of my favourite perfumes

Utterly divine!

Utterly divine!😍
This gorgeous fragrance is amazing. Like a hug in a bottle.
Would highly recommend both the fragrance and the company. Thank you. 😊

Repeat purchase

Love Hooga. My previous bottle was running low so I repurchased, but the 100ml this time so it will last longer!
I also got a Bramble Smoke 10ml to try, but I haven’t used it yet. Looking forward to seeing whether I will add it to my Abbey collection. Love the perfumes and the ethos.

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